2016 UX+Library Conferences

There are so many good conferences for UX+Library folks this year!

Note: this isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list, just conferences I’ve attended and enjoyed or conferences I’ve heard good things about. But if you have suggestions, please comment below. 

(each section in chronological order)

Library conferences focused on web technology, design, user research, or assessment


“An annual gathering of technologists from around the world, who largely work for and with libraries, archives, and museums and have a commitment to open technologies.”

  • Next occurrence: March 7-10, 2016
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA

IOLUG (Indiana Online Users Group)

Theme: “DIY UX: Innovate. Create. Design.”

From the call for proposals “What strategies and/or tools do you use to make library resources, webpages, spaces, marketing materials, etc. more user-friendly? What has proven successful for your organization? What problems surrounding user experience have you encountered, and what solutions have you devised? What best practices or recent research can you share about user experience? We encourage presentations that are practical, hands-on, and include take-awayable tools, techniques, and/or strategies that librarians can implement to improve their resources and services for students, patrons, faculty, etc.”

  • Next occurrence: May 20, 2016
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN

Computers in Libraries

“Libraries are changing,—building creative spaces with a focus on learning and creating; engaging audiences in different ways with community and digital managers; partnering with different community organizations in new and exciting ways. Computers in Libraries has always highlighted and showcased creative and innovative practices in all types of libraries, but this year with our theme, Library Labs: Research, Innovation & Imagination, we plan to feature truly transformative and cutting-edge research, services, and practices along with the strategies and technologies to support them.”

  • Next occurrence: March 8-10, 2016
  • Location: Washington, DC

Design for Digital

“Designing for Digital is a two-day conference packed with intensive, hands-on workshops and informative sessions meant to bring together colleagues working on user experience, discovery, design and usability projects inside and outside of libraries, drawing expertise from the tech and education communities, as well as from peers. This exposure will allow information professionals to bring lessons home to their institutions and to think differently about designing our digital future.”

    • Next occurrence: April 6 – 7, 2016
    • Location: Austin, TX


The one and only library conference focused entirely on UX. Last year offered an interactive format with wonderful keynotes, hands-on ethnographic technique exercises, and a team challenge. This year will feature more individual sessions highlighting projects from around the world with the theme: nailed, failed, and derailed.

  • Next occurrence: June 23-24, 2016
  • Location: Manchester, England


“Access is Canada’s annual library technology conference. It brings librarians, technicians, developers, programmers, and managers together to discuss cutting-edge library technologies. Access is a single stream conference featuring in-depth analyses, panel discussions, poster presentations, lightning talks, hackfest, and plenty of time for networking and social events.”

  • Next occurrence: October 4-7th
  • Location:Fredericton, New Brunswick

LITA Forum

“The LITA Forum is the annual gathering of about 300 technology-minded information professionals. It is the conference where technology meets the practicality of daily information operations in archives, libraries, and other information services. The Forum is an ideal place to interact with fellow library technologists. Attendees are working at the cutting edge of library technology and are interested in making connections with technically-inclined colleagues and learn about new directions and projects in libraries.”

  • Next occurrence: TBD (likely November)
  • Location: TBD

Library Assessment

Theme is “Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment”.

“The conference goal is to build and further a vibrant library assessment community by bringing together interested practitioners and researchers who have responsibility or interest in the broad field of library assessment. The event provides a mix of invited speakers, contributed papers, short papers, posters, and pre- and post-conference workshops that stimulate discussion and provide workable ideas for effective, sustainable, and practical library assessment.”

    • Next occurrence: October 31–November 2, 2016
    • Location: Arlington, VA

DLF (Digital Library Federation)

“Strategy meets practice at the Digital Library Federation (DLF). Through its programs, working groups, and initiatives, DLF connects the vision and research agenda of its parent organization, the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), to an active and exciting network of practitioners working in digital libraries, archives, labs, and museums. DLF is a place where ideas can be road-tested, and from which new strategic directions can emerge.”

  • Next occurrence: November 7-9, 2016
  • Location: Milwaukee, WI

Higher Ed conferences focused on web technology, design, or user research

Web Con

“An affordable two-day conference for web designers, developers, content managers, and other web professionals within higher ed and beyond.”

  • Next occurrence: April 27-28, 2016
  • Location: Urbana-Champaign, IL


“HighEdWeb is the annual conference of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, created by and for all higher education Web professionals—from programmers to marketers to designers to all team members in-between—who want to explore the unique Web issues facing colleges and universities.”

  • Next occurrence: October 16-19, 2016
  • Location: Memphis, TN


“Focusing on the universal methods and tools of user interface and user experience design, as well as the unique challenges of producing websites and applications for large institutions, edUi is a perfect opportunity for web professionals at institutions of learning—including higher education, K-12 schools, libraries, museums, government, and local and regional businesses—to develop skills and share ideas.”

  • Next occurrence: TBD (likely November 2016)
  • Location: TBD

And a Bunch of Professional Industry Conferences & Events





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