Farewell to the UM card catalog

The University of Michigan’s card catalogs are scheduled to be removed from the library stacks tomorrow. We desperately need the space but I’m still a little sad to see them go. Even though I’m firmly stationed in the digital realm, I still love the analog world – especially artifacts that have such a lovely tactile quality that can even produce a visceral response. So, here’s my attempt to capture a little of that feeling.

Obsolete [meta!]



The medium is the message. McLuhan

See also:my full set of photos | dfulmers card catalog flickr set (includes some interesting history) | Ann Arbor News article

iPhone wallpaper images from the library

I’ve been taking photos of objects in the library for years now… so when I saw Walking Paper’s lovely library-ish iphone wallpaper post – I was inspired to make group of my own.

Most of these were taken in the University of Michigan’s Hatcher Graduate Library, Preservation and Conservation lab, and the Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library.

All have been formatted specifically for the iphone (320×480) but they’ll probably work for other mobile devices too. Click to get full version.

poster pinkTie.jpg router
dictionary Stack of engineering papers book spine
Tabbed book book press paper scraps
Handmade Book Spine Books Marble paper
papers stamps book
books book spine code
letterpress vellum book cover IMG_8738.jpg
microfilm marble book book