Confab presentation – Short, True, Meaningful (pick 2)

I gave an Ignite-style presentation at the 2014 Confab Higher Ed conference. Not sure if I’ll ever do a timed, auto advancing style presentation again but it was super fun!

Suzanne presenting at Confab HigherEd 2014Short, True, Meaningful (pick 2) – Confab Higher Ed Lightening Talk

Description: Librarians are great at being exhaustively thorough – a trait that’s wonderful for all kinds of traditional library activities and services – but not so great for coming up with concise web content or link labels. After many lengthy conversations debating the value of being concise and user-friendly over being exhaustively thorough, I introduced a new strategy. Using the classic “cheap, fast, good” decision triangle, I created my own version using short, true, and meaningful to help visually demonstrate the tradeoffs.

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