MLibrary User Experience Department

I’m happy to announce that the University of Michigan Library is in the process of creating a new User Experience (UX) Department. I will be transitioning from my current position as Interface & User Testing Specialist for the Digital Library Department to the head of this new department. This new department will focus on interface design, mobile design and development, usability testing, user research, web use statistics, and accessibility. I have a million ideas for projects for this new department but right now I’m focused on hiring 2 really awesome people to join our team.

User Experience Specialist
We are looking for someone with a passion for user research, the ability to create engaging designs, and an investment in improving the library users’ web experience. The UX Specialist will help drive interface development through an iterative usability and design process.

User Experience Mobile Developer
(job id= 38884)
We are looking for someone with experience developing mobile interfaces, knowledge of related mobile design principles, techniques, and platforms.

2 thoughts on “MLibrary User Experience Department”

  1. This seems more like “web” UX rather than pure UX. As a former UX Librarian I think it is important to keep all the user touch-points in mind and not just focus the virtual ones. Obviously the web experience is an important but there is more to librarians than the web. Good luck with your new endeavor though.

  2. Thanks Brian –

    Yes, these positions are geared towards the web side of things (since the new department will be a part of the Library Information Technology Department) but my job description as head will definitely incorporate more physical world user experience. For example, I hope to work more closely with the communications department and the public services part of the library re: data collection, user research, evaluations, and assessment. We’re definitely going to be figuring this out as we go!

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