UX and Web Systems Job Postings at the University of Michigan Library

The following 3 positions are now available in the User Experience (UX) and Library Web Systems Departments. We’re looking for candidates who take a user-centered approach, have a passion for solving complex problems, and are invested in improving the library website user experience.

The U-M Library’s technology unit designs, develops, and supports the library’s primary web interfaces – including multiple websites, access systems, search apps, and mobile interfaces. These interfaces provide access to over 10 million physical and digital resources to more than 2 million users a month.

Interface Designer (UX Department)
Design beautiful, user-friendly, and accessible interfaces. Primary responsibilities include: creating wireframes, mockups, html prototypes, and complete visual designs and web-ready graphics.
View full job posting: http://umjobs.org/job_detail/80525/interface_designer

Interface Developer (Library Web Systems Department)
Design and implement accessible interfaces for one of the largest research libraries in the world. Primary responsibilities include ensuring the library’s web sites are accessible, implementing and refining interface designs, and developing responsive mobile-friendly interfaces to library resources.
View full job posting: http://umjobs.org/job_detail/81080/interface_developer

Web Content Strategist (UX Department)
Develop and oversee an overall content strategy for a large organization with 100+ content creators. Primary responsibilities include: assessing and improving current content and content workflows, curating and creating new web content, creating best practice and style guides, and informing design solutions and information architecture.
View full job posting: http://umjobs.org/job_detail/81076/web_content_strategist

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